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About Dentrade

Innovation meets tradition

Dentrade – An innovative family business

Benefit from over 30 years of experience and innovation in TMD research

Headaches, back pain and teeth grinding are nowadays one of the most common illness. Based on this motivation, the company strives for a therapeutic approach for sustainable pain reduction with continuous further development.

Peter Bausch - Founder of Dentrade

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  • 30 years experience

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Research & Innovation

Neuromuscular bite registration with the Aqualizer

Wearing the Aqualizer leads to a neuromuscular deprogramming of the stomatognathic system and to a purely muscularly determined mandibular position. If the patient does not want to or cannot be treated in the habitual intercuspation position (HIKP), e.g. due to dysfunction (TMD), the question of the physiological mandibular position arises.

With the aid of the Aqualizer, the patient independently finds his reproducible mandibular position and can be registered using a suitable bite registration material (e.g. Luxabite, DMG). The registration in the physiological condylar position is set in the articulator in order to fabricate a diagnosis-specific splint for the patient.

The advantage of this method according to C. Katzschner is the transfer of the neuromuscular position of the mandible to a bite-splint.

Values of Dentrade

  • Sustainability

    We pay attention to the responsible use of natural resources.

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    Mutual trust, reliability and entrepreneurial thinking is our motivation..

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    Quality is the basis for our long-term success.

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    The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.