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Coordinative training with the RehaBite for TMD complaints

The physiotherapeutic training device with biofeedback against muscle tension in the temporomandibular joint

The oral excercise to activate the self-healing capacities. The RehaBite can be used as an alternative or addition to the occlusal splint for long lasting pain reduction. The bite fork developed by a professor of the University of Heidelberg is used for rehabilitation of the masticatory muscles in CMD complaints, for stroke patients or to restore bilateral force control. The coordinative exercises with the RehaBite are great for a successful and sustainable muscle pain therapy in TMD complaints.

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Detail of a woman's face showing the use of the RehaBite
Laughing blond boy holding the Spoony Gloss for the treatment of swallowing disorders

Spoony Gloss - Corrects Lingual Posture

The splint with a triple effect for the treatment of swallowing disorders

Swallowing difficulties or dysphagia can occur in early childhood. If left untreated, a poorly positioned tongue can lead to health consequences such as mouth breathing, tongue protrusion or speech disorders. Due to the individual adjustment options, the Spoony Gloss is suitable for everyone. For therapy of myofunctional disorder, the tongue is automatically guided against the palate during swallowing .

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Jaw problems? Free yourself from teeth grinding!

Spoony Gloss
Spoony Gloss - Corrects Lingual Posture The splint with a triple effect for the treatment of swallowing disordersSwallowing difficulties or dysphagia can occur in early childhood years.If left untreated, a poorly positioned tongue can lead to health consequences such as mouth breathing, tongue protrusion or speech disorders. Due to the individual adjustment options, the Spoony Gloss is suitable for everyone. For therapy of myofunctional disorder, the tongue is automatically guided against the palate during swallowing.With a myofunctional disorder, the tongue pushes against the front and side teeth, which can regularly lead to tooth and jaw misalignment. Further symptoms are mouth breathing and opening, sibilant sounds, increased salivation, forward displacement of the tongue during talking and speech disorders. Spoony Gloss Triple Effect The ready-to-use splint has three main functions for the therapy of myofunctional dysphasia. 1. The tongue is automatically guided against the palate during swallowing The double spoon provides a correction of the tongue movement during swallowing. The daily use of this splint for 15 minutes provides a long lasting training effect for repositioning the tongue into the correct position. 2. The clenching of the teeth during swallowing is stimulated The special design of the splint coordinates the neuromuscular system during the swallowing process. 3.  The tension of the lip muscles is controlled The shape of the double cone is used for optimal positioning of the lips during swallowing. The conscious control of the swallowing process enables the treatment of Orofacial Myfunctional Disorders (OMD).

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RehaBite TMD Trainer
The RehaBite: Bite fork for TMJ exercises at home 1 x training device + protective box The RehaBite is a jaw muscle trainer that you can use at home to easily treat symptoms caused by the TMJ syndrome. The elastic bite fork filled with glycerine relieves muscle tension and postures in the temporomandibular joint. You can use it as an alternative to therapy with medication and an occlusal splint. The RehaBite uses an innovative technique: it is the first physiotherapeutic training device that allows you to perform force-controlled intraoral training. Similar to a seesaw, the hydrostatic system of the bite fork balances out your jaw evenly, thus guaranteeing an even distribution of chewing pressure. As a result, muscle activities improve significantly and sustainably after only a short time. Symptoms: When to use the RehaBite The RehaBite is an appliance to be used as a trainer for TMJ symptoms. It treats a variety of symptoms, complaints and clinical pictures, such as: Stroke after effects Jaw opening restrictions Muscular imbalances Jaw muscle training Painful postures TMJ complaints The symptoms triggered by jaw disorders are often diverse and can affect the entire body. They include: Discomfort in the jaw muscles and the jaw joints Clenching/grinding of the teeth (bruxism) Tension headache and migraines Pain and tension in the neck, throat, shoulders and back Permanent ringing in the ears (tinnitus) Dizziness, balance disorders Arthrosis of the jaw as a late consequence Increased sensitivity to light TMJ Trainer: How to use the RehaBite Bite down on the elastic bite fork until you can feel the feedback on your finger. Hold the steady tension for about 10 seconds. Repeat the process: 3 x 10 repetitions are recommended. Afterwards, actively hold the jaw open and stretch it with your fingers until you reach the pain threshold. Exercise about 2-3 times a day for 5 minutes. We are happy to help you! You have questions regarding the product, or you are unsure if the RehaBite is the right device for you? We are happy to provide professional advice. Contact us by phone (+49-221-9742834) or via e-mail (info@dentrade.de). Alternatively, you can use our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you! Please note: As a practitioner of physical or psychological symptoms, you will receive exclusive offers from us. Register now. Register as a practitioner

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Tooth Box
Are you looking for a box to store your Aqualizer?The case is an hygienic storage for an Aqualizer that has already been worn. It is made of PE plastic, which is also used for storage of food.All models of the Aqualizer - Mini, Slim & Ultra - fit into the box.The Aqualizer is worn on average of 6-8 hours per day and can be used about 2-3 weeks. The Aqualizer should be kept dry and hygienic in a box when it is not worn.Benefits:HygienicDry storageSuitable for all Aqualizer modelsAlso suitable for braces, dentures and individual splintsProtection against damage and dirtFor use at home and on the roadPrevents premature aging of the materialStoring the Aqualizer in a glass of water, a damp cloth or in air is not recommended as it can prematurely age the material of braces, dental trays or dentures. The boxes can be easily cleaned with hot water and dishwashing detergent.

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Arti-Brux Occlusion Indicator Set
Arti-Brux® occlusal indicator paint, 15 mlREF: BK 89 rot Function:Arti-Brux® is an occlusal indicator paint in red:• to control static and dynamic occlusion on restorations, prosthetics and occlusal splints.• short term occlusion control (max. 24 hours).Arti-Brux® is a red indicator paint which is applied with a brush (single use product) to the occlusal surfaces to be tested. After drying, Arti-Brux® forms a saliva-resistant, thin and even coating.To diagnose parafunctions (especially bruxism), Arti-Brux® has to be applied to the hard splint.Due to the color abrasions, contact areas become clearly visible.Arti-Brux can be applied to restorative and prosthetic restorations. The red layer is rubbed off by the contact of the teeth against the occlusal surfaces. As a supplement to the known articulation testing materials (articulation papers, foils, sprays, etc.), Arti-Brux can be used as an occlusion indicator (max. 24 hrs.).In contrast to conventional testing aids, which only show a snapshot of occlusal contacts, Arti-Brux is an occlusogram that shows contacts and traces of tooth movement. For patients with parafunctions / bruxism, an occlusion test under everyday conditions (max. 24 h) is recommended.Additional InformationParafunctions and/or bruxism can cause permanent damage to the tooth structure. Even with implant-supported dentures, parafunctions can have a destructive effect. The varnish coating of Arti-Brux® is designed for short-term use.InstructionsThe splint must be prepared by a dentist or orthodontist. The splint should be clean and dry. The liquid is then applied with the enclosed brush.The patient should insert the splint shortly before going to sleep and wear it for a maximum of 24 hours. Afterwards the patient should show the worn splint to the dentist for checking / diagnosis. Contact surfaces as well as traces of movement can be clearly seen from the removed layers of color coating. Arti-Brux® can also be used to visualize enamel cracks as well as marginal closures of fillings and crowns (see side effects). When the very thin liquid color is applied, the color penetrates into small enamel cracks or marginal terminations of fillings.After the color layer is removed again, fine cracks become clearly visible.CleaningAfter the check, the varnish layer can be easily removed with a toothbrush and toothpaste. The enclosed polishing brush can also be used to remove paint residues. The polishing brush should only be used at a low speed with little pressure on the splint to avoid damaging of the plastic. The splint can also be appropriately polished with polishing agents for the dental sector. The Arti-Bux® varnish layer dissolves well with concentrated alcohol (ethanol 96% undenatured).

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To decide which RehaSplint is right for you, ask yourself two questions:

  • How sensitive is your oral cavity?
  • How pronounced are your symptoms?

Based on your answers, you can now decide on one of our three hardness levels:

  • The RehaSplint Soft is particularly suitable for very sensitive patients
  • The RehaSplint Medium offers both the comfortable feeling of a softer splint and the resilience needed to counteract stronger grinding or pressing
  • The RehaSplint Hard is particularly suitable for severe bruxism

You can usually use all three models without adjustment. However, if the splint is too long at the back, just shorten it yourself.

There are three different Aqualizer models: Aqualizer Slim, Aqualizer Ultra and Aqualizer Mini.

The Aqualizer Slim is slim shaped with improved comfort. The side wings are shorter. This reduces irritation of the tongue and gum and is suitable for more sensitive patients. The Aqualizer Ultra has slightly wider side wings. It is used for average sized mouths. Because of the wider fit and wider side wings, this model can be worn in combination with brackets during orthodontic treatment.

The Aqualizer Mini is suitable for children, youth, small-sized jaws or when molar teeth are missing.

In addition to strong tension in the head, jaw and neck muscles, the following symptoms are typical:

  • Tooth enamel abrasion
  • Lesions in enamel - Wedge-shaped defects in enamel are often found on the dental neck/li>
  • Bites on the tongue

The Aqualizer and the RehaSplint are passive bite splints for temporary use in CMD cases. In contrast, the RehaBite is an active therapy option

You can wear the Aqualizer and the RehaSplint both at night and during the day. In each case, the splint is used to relieve pain and take pressure off the muscles. The RehaBite is used 2-3 times a day for 5 minutes to exercise the jaw muscles. It offers five different intensity levels. 

Both the RehaBite and the Aqualizer are based on the hydrostatic system. They are filled with a fluid that causes your neuromuscular system to balance your right and left chewing muscles.

The RehaBite bite fork is filled with glycerin, while the Aqualizer bite pads are filled with water. The RehaSplint is an immediate-aid-splint made of flexible, biocompatible plastic without plasticizers and with high wearing comfort. It is available in various degrees of hardness and is therefore also excellently suited for patients with severe bruxism.

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