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Questions & Answers for Patients

There are three different Aqualizer models: Aqualizer Slim, Aqualizer Ultra and Aqualizer Mini.

The Aqualizer Slim is slim shaped with improved comfort. The side wings are shorter. This reduces irritation of the tongue and gum and is suitable for more sensitive patients. The Aqualizer Ultra has slightly wider side wings. It is used for average sized mouths. Because of the wider fit and wider side wings, this model can be worn in combination with brackets during orthodontic treatment.

The Aqualizer Mini is suitable for children, youth, small-sized jaws or when molar teeth are missing.

The Aqualizer comes in three different vertical dimensions (water fill levels) - High, Medium and Low, corresponding to a bite height of 3 mm, 2 mm and 1 mm. High Volume (3 mm) are used when a patient has excessive freeway space or needs a greater vertical dimension to fill the space between the upper and lower occlusal surfaces (deep bites or over-closed patients). Low Volume (1mm) are for patients with restricted opening, or sensitivity to anything in the mouth. The low volume Aqualizer is also indicated when using the neuromuscular bite registration technique. The anterior teeth (front teeth) must not touch each other. While wearing, the bite height of the Aqualizer decreases over the time.

Medium volume (2 mm) are used by most patients (90%). Almost all patients can use medium volume.

In addition to strong tension in the head, jaw and neck muscles, the following symptoms are typical:

  • Tooth enamel abrasion
  • Lesions in enamel - Wedge-shaped defects in enamel are often found on the dental neck
  • Bites on the tongue

No, all Dentrade products are made of standardized materials approved for medical applications. All materials comply with ISO 10993:1 (standard for biocompatibility for medical devices). The plasticizer bisphenol A is not used in any of the materials. The Aqualizer is filled with non-toxic distilled water.

The Aqualizer cannot be swallowed accidentally.

Questions & Answers for Practioners

The Aqualizer can be worn both at night and during the day. The Aqualizer is taken out of the packaging and bent into jaw shape. The Aqualizer is most comfortable to wear in the upper jaw and is placed behind the upper lip. The water pads should now be located between the upper and lower jaw. Due to the anatomically adapted shape, the splint is held onto the water pads with the help of the cheek and lip muscles and the slight bite. The Aqualizer cannot be swallowed accidentally. The Aqualizer must not be used if the swallowing reflex is impaired.

The Aqualizer cannot be compared to a splint custom-made by a dentist. As a temporary splint, it is primarily used as a relaxation splint to loosen up the chewing muscles. In contrast to a fixed customized splint with corresponding guidance, the patient is able to move his lower jaw completely freely on the water cushion. The Aqualizer adapts to the patient's anatomical conditions.

The period of usage varies individually. A period of 3 - 14 days is considered average. Longer periods are also possible. In case of very strong pressing or crunching, an Aqualizer can also burst within 1 - 2 days. The Aqualizer is not intended for such extremely strong stress/pressure.